Pleione 'Mandrill'

Quick Characteristics:

Height: 0-10 cm (0-3.9 inch)
Flower Colors: purple, yellow, red
Flower Season: late autumn to early winter

Pleione 'Mandrill', is a primary hybrid of fall-flowering Pleione praecox and spring flowering Pleione yuannensis, and as such has nearly no dormancy period, as flowers sprout shortly after the leaves are shed. It grows through winter, so it needs higher temperatures of about 10 to 15 °C during this phase. While the praecox parent dominates the growth pattern, the prominent spots on pseudobulbs and stems of those are barely recognizeable on the hybrid. Photos show a plant cultivated by Martin Bohnet.

Pleione Mandrill, Martin BohnetPleione Mandrill, Martin BohnetPleione Mandrill, traces of spots, Martin Bohnet

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