Raphionacme is a genus, formerly in the Asclepiadaceae family, now included in the Apocynaceae family. It is mostly restricted to Africa and most of the species are found in grassland and savanna. Species usually have a spindle-shaped taproot tuber and are prostrate, erect or climbing.

Raphionacme velutina Schltr., syn. Raphionacme burkei N.E.Br., is native to Angola and Zimbabwe. It has a large mostly spherical and more or less flattened tuber growing above ground. The deciduous stems are vine-like and the flowers pale green star-shaped with a purple center. This species flowers in summer. The photo below was taken by Maria Botwright who asked for help in identifying it. She described it: "I picked up a plant which looks like a flattened football. It has a smooth appearance and is light beige in colour. From its center a yearly stem comes out. It bears parallel leaves along the stem, which is approx 1 foot 6 inches and bears small, insignificant, bell shaped white flowers."

Raphionacme velutina, Maria Botwright

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