Richard Sullivan

I am a landscape contractor and together with my wife Shari we run our business called Enchanting Planting, in Orinda in the East Bay, San Francisco Bay Area.

I have been a very keen gardener, all my life. I grew up in Dublin, Ireland and had an interest in alpine plants and cacti. I moved to the Bay Area in the late 1980s and my interest in all sorts of plants really exploded.

I adore South African Bulbs, succulents and cacti and I grow a lot of them in my cool greenhouse. Where we live is subject to a very heavy rainfall in the winter months. Last year we received over 60 inches of rain. I love growing plants from seeds and I also really enjoy seeing plants growing in the wild. Of late I have been doing a lot of time lapse photography, much of which I post to Instagram under the account @enchplant1

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