Salvia is a genus in the Lamiaceae family with many species found around the world. Most are perennials or sometimes annuals or biennials. There are a few species that are rhizomatous or have tubers.

Salvia patens is native to several states in central Mexico. It is a summer growing, winter dormant species where the plant dies down to just the tubers underground. It is an easy species to grow and plants can be obtained from various sources. This plant needs regular watering in summer, good well-drained soil, and good sun to thrive. In areas with little summer water and poor soils such as Mary Sue Ittner's Northern California, it did not thrive, but continues to grow in a large pot where water and soil can be controlled. In the winter, allow the soil to dry out a little but not bone-dry. Tubers will come into growth in the spring with flowers starting a month or so later. This plant can be grown from seeds and will bloom in the same season if treated properly. Photos 1-2 from Mary Sue Ittner and photos 3-4 from Nhu Nguyen.

Salvia patens, Mary Sue IttnerSalvia patens, Mary Sue IttnerSalvia patens, Nhu NguyenSalvia patens, Nhu Nguyen

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