San Diego County

There are more native plant species in San Diego County than any other county in the contiguous United States. San Diego has many varied habitats from the coastal plant communities to the inland valleys and foothills to mountains and deserts. And all of these plant communities are within a few hours drive. Many times I have been on the coast in the morning, driven through the foothills to the mountains and dropped into the desert and returned home in a single day. Now I find myself (Jim Duggan) hiking the trails that twine though San Diego County. I always have a camera on hand. Below are the geophytes that I have encountered. (There are a few that I haven’t found in the wild yet, such as, Calochortus dunnii, C. superbus and Bloomeria clevelandii.) Photos and text by Jim Duggan.

Allium species:

Allium haematochiton, Jim DugganAllium parryi, Jim DugganAllium peninsulare, Jim Duggan

Allium haematochiton, Allium parryi, Allium peninsulare

Bloomeria crocea, Jim Duggan
Bloomeria crocea

Brodiaea species:

Brodiaea elegans, Jim DugganBrodiaea filifolia, Jim DugganBrodiaea orcuttii, Jim DugganBrodiaea terrestris var kernensis, Jim Duggan

Brodiaea elegans, Brodiaea filifolia, Brodiaea orcuttii, Brodiaea terrestris var kernensis

Although Brodiaea elegans is found in San Diego, it is uncommon and this photo is from northern California.

Calochortus species:

Calochortus albus, Jim DugganCalochortus albus, Jim DugganCalochortus concolor, Jim DugganCalochortus invenustus, Jim DugganCalochortus splendens, Jim DugganCalochortus weedii var weedii, Jim Duggan

2 photos of Calochortus albus, Calochortus concolor, Calochortus invenustus, Calochortus splendens, Calochortus weedii var. weedii

Chlorogalum parviflorum, Jim DugganChlorogalum parviflorum, Jim Duggan

Chlorogalum parviflorum

Dichelostemma capitatum, Jim Duggan

Dichelolstemma capitatum

Fritillaria biflora, Jim Duggan

Fritillaria biflora

Hesperocallis undulata, Jim Duggan

Hesperocallis undulata

Iris missouriensis, Jim Duggan

Iris missouriensis

Lilium humboldtii, Jim Duggan

Lilium humboldtii ssp. ocellatum

Muilla maritima, Jim DugganMuilla maritima, Jim Duggan

Muilla maritima

Toxicoscordion species:

Toxicoscordion fremontii, Jim DugganToxicoscordion venenosum, Jim Duggan

Toxicoscordion fremontii, Toxicoscordion venenosum

Triteleia laxa, Jim DugganTriteleia laxa, Jim Duggan

Triteleia laxa
Although Triteleia laxa is not native to San Diego, I have found it naturalized along Hwy 15 just north of Escondido, very tall plants with large heads; they stopped me in my tracks.

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