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This PBS wiki page illustrates Sinningia hybrids, some named and some not. Sinningia species illustrates the species. For more information see the Sinningia index page.

Sinningia glazioviana × iarae is a hybrid with Sinningia glazioviana as a seed parent. Somewhere there is a recessive gene for bronze foliage as that is what the leaves are in full sun. It is quite striking when in bloom. I have had 2 flushes of flowers this year on small plants. My plants are in 1 gallon containers and stand about 10" tall. Photo by John Ingram.

Sinningia glazioviana × iarae, John Ingram

Sinningia hatschbachii_× glazioviana hybrid grown and photographed by Dennis Kramb.

Sinningia hatschbachii_× glazioviana, Dennis KrambSinningia hatschbachii_× glazioviana, Dennis Kramb

Sinningia leucotricha × macropoda is a stable F2, coming true from seed. Photos by John Ingram.

Sinningia leucotricha × macropoda, John IngramSinningia leucotricha × macropoda, John Ingram

Sinningia richii × sellovii hybrids created and photographed by Dennis Kramb.

richii × sellovii, Dennis Krambrichii × sellovii, Dennis Kramb

Sinningia sellovii × nordestina hybrid flowering 6 months from seed. Photos and hybrid from Dennis Kramb.

Sinningia sellovii × nordestina, Dennis KrambSinningia sellovii × nordestina, Dennis KrambSinningia sellovii × nordestina, Dennis KrambSinningia sellovii × nordestina, Dennis KrambSinningia sellovii × nordestina, Dennis Kramb

Sinningia sellovii × richii 'ZB-F2-A17' hybrid created and photographed by Dennis Kramb.

Sinningia sellovii × richii 'ZB-F2-A17', Dennis KrambSinningia sellovii × richii 'ZB-F2-A17', Dennis KrambSinningia sellovii × richii 'ZB-F2-A17', Dennis KrambSinningia sellovii × richii 'ZB-F2-A17', Dennis Kramb

Sinningia tubiflora × incarnata photo from Ruth Coulson who wrote: "This was not my cross but came from one of the U.S. seed funds in the early 1980s. It might have been hybridised by Ted Bona, and it might have come direct from him. The seedling was given to me by another grower. It grows about 12" tall but the flower spike is 2-3 ft above that, but more compact if grown in full sun which is its preferred location. Flowers are long tubular pink, not scented. It produces many laterals which, however, don't flower. Reproduction is easy from offset tubers."

Sinningia tubiflora × incarnata, Ruth Coulson

Below are a few photos of some named hybrids from Ruth Coulson in Australia. Photos from her unless noted otherwise.

Sinningia 'Apricot Down' is a lovely plant hybridized by Colin Rampton with Sinningia leucotricha in its background as is obvious from the leaves and flower color. The cross is leucotricha × iarae.

Sinningia 'Apricot Down', Ruth Coulson

Sinningia 'Flying Colours' , Sinningia 'Old Flame', and Sinningia 'Spicy' are (in Ruth's own words "from crosses of Sinningia iarae and a very pretty eumorpha-type plant with exceptionally pretty lavender and apricot flowers. Unfortunately I no longer have that but its genes live on. The plants grow really big, even more so this year than last. They have enormous tubers - needing 10" pots - and have eight or nine stems per tuber. With a height of 2 to 3 feet, this makes a pretty bulky plant - but how showy! Flowering season is probably 4-5 months." I have asked Ruth to add some more height to her breeding program. So hopefully in the near future, we can have 3' tall plants that will bloom over a long period.

Sinningia 'Flying Colours', Ruth CoulsonSinningia 'Old Flame', Ruth CoulsonSinningia 'Spicy', Ruth Coulson

'Kaylah' (named after her grand-daughter) is a beautiful plant. It is about 300 mm (12") tall. Photo from John Ingram.

Sinningia 'Kaylah', John Ingram

'Michelle' is very similar to 'Kaylah' as far as size and floriferousness:

Sinningia 'Michelle', Ruth Coulson

Sinningia 'Witchcraft' is a cross of 'April Star' × (tubiflora × incarnata).

Sinningia 'Witchcraft', Ruth Coulson

Other named or unnamed hybrids pictured below:

'Little Redhead' is a S. cardinalis hybrid. It flowers almost year round with multiple stems that are 200 mm tall:

Sinningia 'Little Redhead', John Ingram

Sinningia 'Tante' should be used more often. It has a possible hardiness of zone 7 and grows just as well as Sinningia tubiflora in the open garden, even if it is less aggressive. It is supposed to be a hybrid of Sinningia tubiflora × Sinningia sellovii both of which are from Argentina and are hardy. It has a nice subtle color that works with almost every garden scheme. Photos taken by Lee Poulsen and John Ingram.

Sinningia 'Tante', Lee PoulsenSinningia 'Tante', John IngramSinningia 'Tante', John Ingram

Sinningia X3 is a hybrid from Dennis Kramb flowering 5 months from seed. He writes: Its lineage includes the first two hybrids I ever made, starting back in 2015. I love these colors but it is not fragrant. Lineage = (eumorpha 'Roxa Clenilson' × (bullata × conspicua) ) × conspicua

Sinningia X3, Dennis KrambSinningia X3, Dennis Kramb

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