Upload Quick Reference

Uploads File naming and limits

  • Only files with the following extensions can be uploaded: jpg, png, gif, svg, pdf.
  • Every image file of a plant should include the full genus name with the first letter capitalized followed by an underscore and then the species name in lower case, followed by a period and the file extension in lower case. Please add your initials or other ways of identifying each picture. Example: Brodiaea_elegans_js.jpg
  • The wiki will scale images automatically. If you wish to control scaling keep the image size below 1920 x 1280 pixels
  • Maximum uploaded file size is 350 KB for PDF's.
  1. Use the "Browse" button above to find the "File to upload" on your local computer.
  2. Use the "Name attachment as:" field to name the file differently than it is named on your local computer (don't forget the extension).
  3. Press "Upload" to upload the file.
  4. To refer to an attachment within a wiki page, simply type this while editing it:

Attach:filename.ext** to make the file available for download or to show the full-sized image; Mini:imagefile.ext** to show a thumbnail of an image with a link to the full-sized one.

  1. You may add short text to describe the image and the photographer by adding "your text" after the extension

Example: Mini:Brodiaea_elegans_js.jpg"Brodiaea elegans, Jane Smith"**

  1. If using the Attach: with a .pdf file, you may replace the name of the file with text by enclosing all in double brackets with a pipe symbol before the text.

Example: [[Attach:File_name.pdf|Text]]**

After uploading, you can

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