Smithiantha hybrids

This page contains photos and information about the many hybrids that have been made for this genus. Plants may be hybridized with various other taxa including Achimenes and related taxa. Photo from Dennis Kramb shows a collection of his hybrids.

Smithiana hybrids, Dennis Kramb

Smithiantha 'Silver Bells' photos were taken by Nhu Nguyen.

Smithiantha 'Silver Bells', Nhu NguyenSmithiantha 'Silver Bells', Nhu Nguyen

Smithianthaa seedling TS-A15 hybrid from Dennis Kramb has distinctive orange flowers and the fuzzy foliage is a blend of green, chartreuse, and caramel. He is considering naming it and introducing it.

Smithiantha seedling TS-A15, Dennis KrambSmithiantha seedling TS-A15, Dennis Kramb

Smithianthaa seedling TS-B5 hybrid from Dennis Kramb has pure white flowers with ivory spots and a yellow throat.

Smithiantha seedling TS-B5, Dennis Kramb

Smithiantha 'Vivian's Charm' photo was taken by J. Schofield.

Smithiantha 'Vivian's Charm', J. Schofield

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