Sternbergia greuteriana

Quick Characteristics:

Height: 10-20 cm (3.9-7.9 inch)
Flower Colors: yellow
Flower Season: mid autumn

Sternbergia greuteriana Kamari & R. Artelari, although a published name, is considered by Kew to be a synonym for Sternbergia lutea. This species or form is smaller and the first photo from Jane McGary of plants grown from purchased seed of garden origin includes a flower of S. lutea for comparison. S. greuteriana is easy to grow in an unheated bulb frame, increasing modestly. The second photo was taken by John Lonsdale while third and fourth photos were taken by Angelo Porcelli showing the same plant after one year, increasing and flowering profusely.

Sternbergia greuteriana, Jane McGarySternbergia greuteriana, John LonsdaleSternbergia greuteriana, Angelo PorcelliSternbergia greuteriana, Angelo Porcelli

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