Tigridia bicolor

Quick Characteristics:

Flower Colors: green, brown, patterned

Tigridia bicolor is native to Oaxaca State, Mexico. Photos by Michael Hughes, who comments: "Seed sown in January 2018, flowered in early October 2019. Grown in a mix of molar clay cat litter and compost, no dry period and kept just above zero. Location is coastal North West Wales so usually damp mild conditions. Growing to around 20 cm tall, 3 leaves, dark green, rigid, thin 5 mm up to 10 mm wide. Stem thin round and about 3 mm wide. Smell of flowers musky / fetid but not unpleasant. Flowers to 3.5 cm wide, straw yellow backing with burgundy spotting. Side facing bowl shaped, 4 to 6 flowers per each raceme. Bulbs 2 cm wide and 2.5 cm long."

Tigridia bicolor, Michael HughesTigridia bicolor, Michael HughesTigridia bicolor bulb, Michael Hughes

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