Tigridia immaculata

Quick Characteristics:

Height: 30-60 cm (1-2 ft)
Flower Colors: red, orange
Flower Season: mid summer to late summer
Life form: deciduous bulb

Tigridia immaculata (syn. Rigidella immaculata) from high altitude forest areas of Guatemala and southern Mexico has bright orange to scarlet, pendulous flowers which seem to be self-sterile. The whole plant is rather slender and delicate. The buds completely leave the spathes the evening before flowering (pic 2), and the flowers open up quite early in the morning. The pictures by Martin Bohnet show a plant obtained from Crûg farm.

Tigridia immaculata, Martin BohnetTigridia immaculata, Martin BohnetTigridia immaculata, whole plant view, Martin BohnetTigridia immaculata, immaculate inner side, Martin Bohnet

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