Tigridia matudae

Quick Characteristics:

Height: 60-80 cm (2-2.6 ft)
Flower Colors: purple
Flower Season: late summer

Tigridia matudae is an extremely rare alpine species from Mexico, reported from only two localities in Mexico and Morelos States. However, the original type locality was searched a few years back and no plants were found, so it is possible that it exists only at one locality at present. The plant seen in the pictures was photographed within the boundaries of the Zempoala Lakes National Park that straddles the border between Mexico State and Morelos. Elevation is 2900-3000 meters above sea level in cold, damp conditions. Yearly average temperatures are between 5 to 12 °C with frequent rains including during the "dry" season. The plants grow in the shady understory beneath Pinus and Abies trees. The plant is rather tall in comparison to other members of the genus and can be 60-85 cm in length with two cauline leaves that are relatively narrow. The stunning flowers appear bluish in photographs, but are actually a pale lilac when seen in person. Flowers appear from August-September and are rather large for the genus (3 cm in diameter). The specific epithet honors a noted Japanese botanist, Eizi Matuda, whose most noteworthy contribution to Mexican botany was a comprehensive flora of Mexico State.

Photos by Dennis Szeszko of a plant photographed in situ August 14.

Tigridia matudae, Dennis SzeszkoTigridia matudae, Dennis SzeszkoTigridia matudae, Dennis Szeszko

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