Trientalis was a genus in the Myrsinoideae tribe of the Primulaceae family with three species, but is included in Lysimachia sensu latu as of 2023. Members of the former genus occur in North America and northern Eurasia. The separation still feels useful, as the group shows a pretty unique morphology for Lysimachia.

Lysimachia borealis syn. Trientalis borealis is native to North American woodlands. The photos below were taken by Nhu Nguyen in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.

Lysimachia borealis, Michigan, Nhu NguyenLysimachia borealis, Michigan, Nhu Nguyen

Lysimachia europaea syn. Trientalis europaea is native to the boreal regions of Europe and Asia where it grows in acidic forest and bog habitats. Rarely reaching 10 cm, it is the smallest species of the group. At sunny locations, the leaves develop an attractive bronze tinge like this plant grown in the bog garden of Martin Bohnet in southern Germany. As this is more southern than the usual range, they flower in early summer for him, probably a lot earlier than in their northern homelands.

Lysimachia europaea, Martin BohnetLysimachia europaea, Martin Bohnet

Lysimachia latifolia syn. Trientalis latifolia is a fall and winter dormant perennial with a deep-seated tuber. It is a short plant of the shaded northwest forests with white to pale pink star-like flowers that appear in spring. The first 2 photos were taken in May 2003 in Sonoma County, California by Bob Rutemoeller. The last photo was taken by Nhu Nguyen.

Lysimachia latifolia, Bob RutemoellerLysimachia latifolia, Bob RutemoellerLysimachia latifolia, Nhu Nguyen

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