Tristagma is a mostly South American genus in the former Alliaceae family (now included in Amaryllidaceae) that is related to Nothoscordum and Ipheion. The taxonomy of this genus is in question and species have had many different names. Species are found in Peru, Chile, and Argentina. In 1963 Hamilton P. Traub proposed moving Ipheion to Tristagma. In 2019 many of the accepted names of these plants are now found in the genera Ipheion and Nothoscordum. In An annotated checklist of the genus Tristagma (Amaryllidaceae, Allioideae), Phytotaxa 277: 21-35 written by Silvia C. Leuenberger and Agostina Sassone in 2016 12 species were recognized: T. ameghinoi, T. anemophilum, T. berteroi, T. bivalve, T. circinatum, T. gracile, T. graminifolium, T. nivale, T. patagonicum, T. poeppigianum, T. porrifolium, and T. violaceum. This paper reviewed hebarium specimens and descriptions and historical data. DNA analysis may again make name changes to the species in this genus.

Tristagma bivalve (Lindl.) Traub, syn. Ipheion bivale (Lindl.) Traub, grows in the mountains above Santiago, Chile. It can be grown like a Cape bulb or better as a Texan Cooperia. T. bivalve looks like a several flowered medium sized Ipheion uniflorum. This species is not to be confused with Nothoscordum bivalve which is an entirely different plant that has a tall scape with minute flowers. Photo by Osmani Baullosa.

Tristagma bivalve, Osmani Baullosa

Tristagma hirtellum (Kunth) Traub, see Nothoscordum hirtellum

Tristagma 'Jessie' is now considered to be a form of Ipheion uniflorum (Graham) Raf.

Tristagma recurvifolium (C.H.Wright) Traub see Ipheion sessile. (Phil.) Traub.

Tristagma 'Rolf Fiedler' is now considered to be a form of Ipheion uniflorum (Graham) Raf.

Tristagma sellowianum (Kunth) Traub, see Nothoscordum felipponei

Tristagma sp. is an alpine species from Chile different from T. bivalve. It has scentless flowers that are shaped like a narrow cup facing up. Photo by Osmani Baullosa.

Tristagma sp., Osmani Baullosa

Tristagma uniflorum (Lindl.) Traub see Ipheion uniflorum (Graham) Raf.

Tristagma vittatum (Griseb.) Traub, see Nothoscordum vittatum

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