×Rhodoxis is a description used to designate hybrids between Rhodohypoxis and Hypoxis species. Christenhusz et al. (2017) include Rhodohypoxis in Hypoxis, stripping these hybrids of their intergeneric taxon. Until further notice we stick to the widely established names in horticulture.

A naturally occurring hybrid was found that was thought to be a hybrid between Rhodohypoxis baurii and Hypoxis argentea. Photos taken by Cameron McMaster and Bob Rutemoeller at Maclear January 2010. The third photo shows the two species with the hybrid in the middle.

Rhodohypoxis baurii x Hypoxis argentea, Maclear, Cameron McMasterRhodohypoxis baurii x Hypoxis argentea, Maclear, Bob RutemoellerRhodohypoxis baurii x Hypoxis argentea, Maclear, Bob Rutemoeller

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