Ypsilandra is a genus of the Melanthiaceae. Plants are perennial herbs and rhizomatous, producing numerous seeds.

Ypsilandra thibetica is a species from Tibet and western China. The flowers range from white, pink, or purple. The sepals are persistent and remain when the seed capsules are maturing. In the Bay Area, flowers bloom early in March. Photos 1-3 taken by Nhu Nguyen from the UC Botanical Garden. Photo 4 from Paige Woodward of a plant that originated from divisions of material collected in China, in NE Yunnan province, by Steve Hootman. She positions it on a slope and reports it is hardy to Zone 6, possibly colder.

Ypsilandra thibetica, Nhu NguyenYpsilandra thibetica, Nhu NguyenYpsilandra thibetica, Nhu NguyenYpsilandra thibetica, Paige Woodward

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