Acis autumnalis

Quick Characteristics:

Height: 10-20 cm (3.9-7.9 inch)
Flower Colors: white, pink
Flower Season: early autumn
Life form: bulb

Acis autumnalis (L.) Sweet, syn. Leucojum autumnale is native to the Iberian Peninsula and grows to 4-8 inches (10-20 cm) tall. It begins to bloom in summer and continues to bloom well into the fall and forms a clump of dark green threadlike leaves that emerge after flowering and persist into spring. The flowering stem is usually red-tinted and the one to four white flowers are often red or pink at the base. It is hardy to about 20 °F. (-6 °C).

In 2002 it bloomed July-November in the Northern hemisphere. Ones I had in the ground dwindled away and it may be too dry in Northern California in the summer. The ones in pots are nearly evergreen. I withheld water in 2004 so I could divide them while not in growth, but had to hurry as they were starting to bloom in July without leaves present. The flowers are small, but shiny. Photos by Bob Rutemoeller, Mary Sue Ittner, and John Lonsdale.

Acis autumnalis, Bob RutemoellerAcis autumnalis, Mary Sue IttnerAcis autumnalis, Mary Sue IttnerAcis autumnalis, John Lonsdale

Acis autumnalis var. oporantha, syn. Leucojum autumnale var. oporanthum is a variety now considered not to have variety status, but still sometimes seen under this name. It flowers before the leaves and is from the Rif Mountains. Another distinctive feature of this form is the pedicels arch from the middle of the base. The first photo by John Lonsdale and the next two taken September 2003 by Lee Poulsen.

Acis autumnalis var. oporantha, John LonsdaleAcis autumnalis var. oporantha, Lee PoulsenAcis autumnalis var. oporantha, Lee Poulsen

Acis autumnalis var. pulchella, syn. Leucojum autumnale var. pulchellum, also no longer considered to be worthy of variety status, is from Northern Africa. It flowers with the leaves present and has pedicels arching over at the apex. Photo by John Lonsdale

Acis autumnalis var. pulchella, John Lonsdale

Photo 1 below by Travis Owen of bulbs received as Acis autumnalis in BX 381‏ from Mary Sue Ittner. Second photo of seeds received from SX4 (2015).

Acis autumnalis bulbs, Travis OwenAcis autumnalis seeds, Travis Owen

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