Albuca nelsonii

Quick Characteristics:

Flower Colors: white, green
Life form: bulb

Albuca nelsonii is one of the larger species, and is quite common in the nursery trade these days. It is an evergreen species that grows to 60 cm tall, has erect white flowers with pale greenish keels on long pedicels and flowers September to December. It is found in grassland in southern Africa. The first two photos below by Roy Herold are of a nice planting at Kirstenbosch National Botanical Garden in Cape Town, South Africa, in November, 2006. The next two photos were taken in habitat, Kei Mouth, Eastern Cape by Andrew Harvie. The last two photos were on the mystery bulbs page and were identified as this species. Photos from Garry Koenigsberg who wrote at the time:"I bought an onion-sized bulb at the San Francisco Arboretum years ago, but lost track of the name. The plants multiply at a ridiculous rate and thrive on neglect. The leaves are about a foot tall, and the stems a bit taller, bearing several florets. Each has four white and green petals that open around four more petals that remain attached at the top."

Albuca nelsonii, Roy HeroldAlbuca nelsonii, Roy HeroldAlbuca nelsonii, Kei Mouth, Andrew HarvieAlbuca nelsonii, Kei Mouth, Andrew HarvieAlbuca nelsonii, Garry KoenigsbergAlbuca nelsonii, Garry Koenigsberg

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