Albuca secunda

Quick Characteristics:

Flower Colors: yellow, green

Albuca secunda (Jacq.) J.C.Manning & Goldblatt, syn. Ornithogalum secundum Jacq. is found on stony slopes and flats in Namaqualand and the western Cape. It grows to 35 cm and has many oblong strap shaped leaves with minutely fringed margins arranged in a rosette and lying flat on the ground. Leaves are usually dry at flowering. The erect, many-flowered inflorescence is borne on a firm stem. Flowers are yellow with a broad green midrib with oblong spreading to recurved petals. The first photo is from Rod Saunders. The last three photos were taken in habitat by Andrew Harvie northwest of Steinkopf in Namaqualand.

Albuca secunda, Rod SaundersAlbuca secunda, Namaqualand, Andrew HarvieAlbuca secunda, Namaqualand, Andrew HarvieAlbuca secunda, Namaqualand, Andrew Harvie

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