Anthericaceae or the grass lily family was a former old world tropical family mostly found in Asia and Australia. From AGP III onwards, this family is split and distributed between subfamily Agavoideae and Lomandroideae within family Asparagaceae.

These plants are herbaceous perennials with a rhizomatous or tuberous rootstock and basal, spiral, or 2 ranked non-fleshy leaves. Flowers are arranged in racemes with six tepals and 3-6 stamens and an inferior two to three-chambered ovary.

Genera with wiki pages that moved from Antheriaceae to Agavoideae: Anthericum, Chlorophytum and Echeandia.

Arthropodium, Chamaescilla, Dichopogon, Thysanotus and Trichopetalum have been moved to subfamily Lomandroideae within Asparagaceae.

No longer in Asparagaceae, but formerly sometimes included in Anthericaceae are Agrostocrinum, Johnsonia, and Pasithea. All of them moved to Asphodelaceae.

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