Beauverdia Herter was described in 1943 and was then considered a member of the Alliaceae family. It was created to distinguish species with only one flower from multiflowered species. New species were named and species from other genera moved into it. All of the species were subsequently relocated to other genera. In a paper written in 2014 entitled Beauverdia, a Resurrected Genus of Amaryllidaceae (Allioideae, Gilliesieae) by Agostina B. Sassone, Liliana M. Giussani, and Encarnacio´n R. Guaglianone the authors propose resurrecting this genus in the expanded APG III Amaryllidaceae family, tribe Gilliesieae, within the subfamily Allioideae. This renaming of four species found in southern Brazil, Uruguay, and Argentina is based on morphological differences. We are adding links to most of the photos and information about these species that is now on the Nothoscordum wiki page awaiting confirmation with DNA before renaming them once again. But will include the synonyms and one photo of each taxa on this page. In this paper the authors describe this genus as differing from Ipheion in the same tribe and Tristagma by having yellow flowers not present in either of the other genera, 2 bracts fused only at their bases and tepals that are free or fused only at their bases and not forming a tube and staminal filaments arranged in only one series, not two, with some awl-shaped. They describe this genus as differing from Nothoscordum by smaller vegetative parts, the length of pedicels, the length and width of tepals, as well as having one flowered inflorescences and different fruits. In 2019 this change has not been accepted by Kew.

Beauverdia dialystemon (Guagl.) Sassone & Guagl., comb. nov., syn. Ipheion dialystemon Guagl., Nothoscordum dialystemon (Guagl.) Crosa

Nothoscordum dialystemon, Mary Sue Ittner

Beauverdia hirtella (Kunth) Herter, syn. Ipheion hirtellum (Kunth) Traub, syn. Nothoscordum hirtellum (Kunth) Herter, syn. Tristagma hirtellum

The paper referenced above distinguishes between two subspecies, Beauverdia hirtella subsp. hirtella with 6 tepals and stamens and distributed in Uruguay and Beauverdia hirtella subsp. lorentzii (Herter) Sassone & Guagl., comb. nov. with 8 tepals and stamens and found in Argentina.

Nothoscordum hirtellum, Alessandro MarinelloNothoscordum hirtellum, Germán Roitman

Beauverdia sellowiana(Kunth) Herter, , syn. Ipheion sellowianum(Kunth) Traub, syn. Nothoscordum felipponei Beauverd syn. Tristagma sellowianum (Kunth) Traub

Nothoscordum felipponei, John Lonsdale

Beauverdia vittata (Griseb.) Herter, syn. Ipheion vittatum (Griseb.) Traub, syn. Nothoscordum vittatum (Griseb.) Ravenna, syn. Tristagma vittatum (Griseb.) Traub

Nothoscordum vittatum, Germán Roitman

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