Cyanastrum is a small genus mainly from tropical Africa and is a member of the Tecophilaeaceae family.

Cyanastrum cordifolium Oliv. is native to Nigeria, Cameroon, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Equatorial Guinea and Gabon.

Cyanastrum cordifolium var. compactum (Oliv.) R.T.Clausen (syn. Cyanastrum cordifolium 'Compactum') is considered to be a synonym of the species by The Plant List. It is a cormous plant grown as an herbaceous, perennial houseplant with hosta-like foliage in shady to partial shady conditions. This is the first time it has flowered for me. The buds appear in threes with one bud blooming at a time. It appears that each flower is only open for a day. The flowers are about 2 cm in diameter. Photos 1-2 were taken June 2005 by Lee Poulsen. Photo 1 is of the first bud's bloom. Photo 2 is of the second bud's bloom a couple of days later. You can see the closed up first flower; the third bud is hidden behind the petals of the open flower. Photo 3 was taken by Dylan Hannon showing a leaf.

Cyanastrum cordifolium, Lee PoulsenCyanastrum cordifolium, Lee PoulsenCyanastrum cordifolium, Dylan Hannon

Cyanastrum hostifolium Engl. see Kabuyea hostifolia.

Cyanastrum johnstonii Baker is an erect perennial up to 40 cm tall growing from a discoid tuber. The species is found in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Tanzania, Mozambique and Zambia usually on shaded river banks or in woodland. Flowering occurs at the beginning of the rains before the leaves have fully expanded with the racemes bearing up to 15 bluish flowers in succession. Photos from Nicholas Wightman.

Cyanastrum johnstonii, Nicholas WightmanCyanastrum johnstonii, Nicholas Wightman

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