Kabuyea is a monotypic genus. It was created in 1998 where the species Cyanastrum hostifolium was transferred to this genus from Cyanastrum.

Kabuyea hostifolia (syn. Cyanastrum hostifolium) is native from Tanzania to Mozambique in low elevation areas. The flowers have a clean, sweet fragrance. The photos below were taken by Dylan Hannon who calls this species the "African lily-of-the-valley". Photo 3 shows the stacks of perennial "corms" that persist, much like Ferraria. Note that each plant typically has one stack of corm and does not branch like the one in the photo. The plant shown is 6 years old.

Kabuyea hostifolia, Dylan HannonKabuyea hostifolia, Dylan HannonKabuyea hostifolia corms, Dylan Hannon

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