Cypella coelestis

Quick Characteristics:

Flower Colors: blue
Flower Season: early summer to late summer

Cypella coelestis (syn. Phalocallis coelestis, Cypella plumbea) is from Brazil, Uruguay, and Argentina. It is probably grown more often than any species in this genus and under many different names. In coastal California, it does very well in the ground as a landscape plant. When there is water in the winter, it does not go completely dormant. In spring, new leaves and buds will appear. Flowers appear throughout summer but each flower lasts only a day. Photo 1 was taken by Bob Rutemoeller and photo 2 by Susan Hayek for Diana Chapman. Photo 3 was taken August 2003 by Lee Poulsen of his plant which he received named as Cypella plumbea platensis. Photo 4 was taken at the end of June 2005 by Merrill Jensen at the Elizabeth F. Gamble Garden, Palo Alto, California. Photos 5-6 were taken by Nhu Nguyen showing the bulbs. The bulb scales are richly colored burnt-orange and are much more delicate than they appear.

Cypella coelestis, Bob RutemoellerCypella coelestis, Susan HayekCypella coelestis, Lee PoulsenCypella coelestis, Merrill JensenCypella coelestis bulb, Nhu NguyenCypella coelestis bulb, Nhu Nguyen

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