Cypella osteniana

Quick Characteristics:

Flower Colors: white, yellow

Cypella osteniana is native to Brazil, Uruguay and Argentina. Photos by Susan Hayek for Diana Chapman.

Cypella osteniana, Susan HayekCypella osteniana, Susan Hayek

Cypella osteniana ssp. aurantiaca is native to Brazil, east of Uruguay and Argentina. The flowers are orange and the stigma lobes are concrescent (Bol Soc Argent Bot 38:33-339, 2004). Photos by Germán Roitman.

Cypella osteniana ssp. aurantiaca ssp. nov., Germán RoitmanCypella osteniana ssp. aurantiaca ssp. nov., Germán Roitman

Cypella osteniana subsp. osteniana is native to west of Uruguay. Plants flower in spring. Flowers are white with divergent stigmas lobes. Photo by Germán Roitman.

Cypella osteniana, Germán RoitmanCypella osteniana, Germán Roitman

Here you can see both subspecies together:

Cypella osteniana ssp's, Germán Roitman

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