Dioscoreaceae is a family consisting of about 750 species and eight or nine genera, depending on the classification (some genera of family is split into the Taccaeae and Trichopodaceae). The family has representatives that are distributed in Holarctic, Paleotropical, Neotropical, Cape, Australian, and Antarctic regions. Most of the species, however, are tropical. Plants grow in forms of herbs, shrubs, or lianas, most producing an underground storage tubers. Members of the genus Dioscorea or yams are important crops in some regions of the world. Dioscorea bulbifera is considered a noxious weed in some warmer areas of the world. The climbing liana choke out vegetation and reproduces prolifically through above-ground tubers. Other members (such as Dioscorea elephantipes) are not so prolific and grow very slowly, producing a beautiful caudex that is loved in the succulent world.

We have the genus Dioscorea represented on the wiki.

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