Disporopsis is a rhizomatous genus once considered to be in the Liliaceae family closely related to Solomon’s seal (Polygonatum). The taxonomy seems in flux at the moment with some splitting this genus out of Liliaceae into Convallariaceae which the Angiosperm Phylogeny Group II considers to be included in Ruscaceae or optionally in a very large grouping in Asparagaceae.

Disporopsis pernyi is an evergreen native to China and bears greenish white, axillary flowers in the spring. Sometimes known as "Perny's Evergreen Solomon's Seal" - Paul Hubert Perny (1818-1907) was a French missionary and botanical explorer. First three photos taken May 2007 by Jay Yourch. Remaining photos by David Pilling.

Disporopsis pernyi, Jay YourchDisporopsis pernyi, Jay YourchDisporopsis pernyi, Jay YourchDisporopsis pernyi, David PillingDisporopsis pernyi seed pods, 25th July 2013, David Pilling

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