Convallariaceae is a family of genera that were originally included in Liliaceae and still listed in that family by some taxonomists. This family is not recognized by the Angiosperm Phylogeny Group II which redirects the genera to a broader Asparagaceae or a narrower Ruscaceae. This lack of agreement makes it very challenging to know what family to use. Plants in the Convallariaceae family are perennials that are rhizomatous or tuberous. They are mostly northern hemisphere plants, from North America, Europe, and Asia. Many are found in montane forests. Leaves are alternate, herbaceous or leathery with parallel veins. Most genera have berries although a few have capsules. Genera with wiki pages that are sometimes included in this family are included in the table below. Please consult those wiki pages for information on the possible and/or current family classification for each.

Clintonia Convallaria Disporum
Disporopsis Maianthemum Polygonatum
Prosartes Smilacina Uvularia

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