Convallariaceae was a family of genera that were originally included in Liliaceae. The AGP II System gave the options of either including them in Ruscaceae or Asparagaceae. The (current) truth lies within both extremes:

Plants formerly grouped in the Convallariaceae family were morphologically consistent as being perennials that are rhizomatous or tuberous. They are mostly northern hemisphere plants, from North America, Europe, and Asia. Many are found in montane forests. Leaves are alternate, herbaceous or leathery with parallel veins. Most genera have berries although a few have capsules. Many of these similarities are now seen as cases of parallel evolution.

Modern AGP III and IV split this group and add the genera to the following families:

Clintonia and Prosartes have proven to be true Liliaceae.

Disporum and Uvularia have ended up in Colchicaceae.

Convallaria, Disporopsis, Maianthemum (including former Smilacina) and Polygonatum are now part of subfamily Nolinoideae within Asparagaceae.

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