Smilacina is a genus formerly included in Liliaceae, which was split out into Convallariaceae. This latter family is now considered to belong in either Ruscaceae or Asparagaceae by the Angiosperm Phylogeny II group. Smilacina species are found in North America and Asia and are perennials with creeping rootstocks (rhizomes). Originally Maianthemum was limited to plants with 4 tepals, but it has been expanded by taxonomists to include the six tepaled plants formerly gathered in Smilacina. Information formerly included on this wiki page for the plants that were once considered Smilacina species is now found in Maianthemum

Smilacina hondoensis, syn. Maianthemum hondoense, see Maianthemum

Smilacina racemosa, syn. Maianthemum racemosum, see Maianthemum

Smilacina stellata, syn. Maianthemum stellatum, see Maianthemum

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