Erika Schroedersecker

My name is Erika Schroedersecker. I garden in Toronto, ON. Canada. As a young girl I grew up with parents who loved to garden and were enamoured with the natural world. This provided the foundation for my passion. I started collecting and ordering plants from the age of 15. I imported from nurseries in the US and also bought from nurseries situated in Canada. My particular love of bulbs started from that young age and has continued through my adulthood where today I have a garden and small greenhouse. I also enjoy growing alpines and gesneriads, as well as hardy and tender orchids and succulents.

Several years ago I acquired the greenhouse to indulge my passion of primarily winter-rainfall bulbs from South Africa as I live in a continental climate marked by warm humid summers and cold winters. I have a particular affinity for Amaryllidaceae and Iridaceae but have a wide variety of tastes. I enjoy traveling around the world seeing plants in habitat.

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