Fusifilum is a genus of the subfamily Drimioideae, family Hyacinthaceae (or most recently in family Asparagaceae, subfamily Scilloideae). It was created by Constantine Samuel Rafinesque-Schmaltz in 1837. Some of the species were subsequently moved to Urginea. In A revised generic synopsis of Hyacinthaceae in sub-Saharan Africa (2004) Manning et.al. included those species in the genus Drimia. In 2018 in Systematics of Drimia Goldblatt and Manning continued to include them in Drimia including species described by Müller-Doblies et. al. Species are distributed in Southern Africa, especially in the Karoo and Western Cape of South Africa. All of the species are united by their flowers opening only in the late afternoon and closing after a few hours. In 2023 some botanists continue to recognize the genus Fusifilum and the genus Austronea for some species others consider belong in Drimia.

Fusifilum dregei (Baker) Speta see Drimia dregei (Baker) J.C.Manning & Goldblatt

Fusifilum physodes (Jacq.) Raf. ex Speta see Drimia physodes (Jacq.) Jessop

For more information about Drimia see the Drimia index. To see the species we have on the wiki see Drimia species.

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