Fusifilum is a genus of the subfamily Drimioideae, family Hyacinthaceae (or most recently in family Asparagaceae, subfamily Scilloideae). Approximately 16 species are distributed in Southern Africa, especially in the Karoo and Western Cape of South Africa. This group is closely allied to Drimia and Urginea. All of the species are united by their flowers opening only in the late afternoon and closing after a few hours (near-crespuscular).

Fusifilum physodes (Jacq.) Raf. ex Speta, syn. Drimia physodes (Jacq.) Jessop is native from southwest Namibia to the Cape Province, South Africa. World Flora Online lists many other synonyms. The photos below by Dylan Hannon show Drimia physodes from Laingsburg: Swartberg Pass, ex Silverhill. In some ways not unlike a miniature Urginea maritima. It is summer dormant.

Drimia physodes, syn. Fusifilum physodes, Dylan HannonDrimia physodes, syn. Fusifilum physodes, Dylan Hannon

Drimia groups besides Fusifilum in the expanded genus: Drimia -- Litanthus -- Rhadamanthus -- Tenicroa -- Urginea

For a listing of all the species in the expanded genus see the Drimia index

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