Gladiolus appendiculatus

Quick Characteristics:

Flower Colors: white, pink
Life form: corm
Climate: summer rain climate

Gladiolus appendiculatus G.J.Lewis is native to the Northern Provinces, South Africa and Swaziland where it grows in grassland on mountain slopes usually above 1800 m up to 2100 m. Growing from 35 to 60 cm, it has softly leathery 6 to 9 long leaves tapering to a sharp or blunt tip and 6 to 14 white to pink unscented flowers marked mauve or pink in the lower tepals, borne on one side. The tepals are unequal in size with the upper three largest and the dorsal arching over the stamens. Anthers have long tails. Flowering occurs in April and May. Photo from Rachel Saunders.

Gladiolus appendiculatus, Rachel Saunders

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