Gladiolus geardii

Quick Characteristics:

Flower Colors: pink

Gladiolus geardii L.Bolus (syn. Gladiolus robustus Goldblatt) is a late spring to summer bloomer (November to January) found on moist sandstone slopes in the southeastern Cape where it gets limited rainfall year round with a bit less in summer. Growing from 80 to 150 cm high, it is described as having sword shaped leaves and pink flowers with darker markings on the lower tepals in a 6 to 10 flowered spike. The dorsal tepal is inclined. In cultivation in a Mediterranean climate, it is not dormant long. The first photo was taken by Rachel Saunders near Port Elizabeth where some very tall plants were in flower December 2013. One had 7 branches and 14 open flowers. The next two photos were taken by Bob Rutemoeller and the last three by Mary Sue Ittner.

Gladiolus geardii, Rachel SaundersGladiolus geardii, Bob RutemoellerGladiolus geardii, Bob RutemoellerGladiolus geardii, Mary Sue IttnerGladiolus geardii, Mary Sue IttnerGladiolus geardii, Mary Sue Ittner

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