Gladiolus macneilii

Quick Characteristics:

Flower Colors: pink
Climate: summer rain climate

Gladiolus macneilii Oberm. is a narrow endemic of the eastern escarpment of northern Mpumalanga, South Africa where is grows in loamy soil in rocky ground in grassland and light woodland. Growing from 70 to 90 cm with a slightly inclined spike of 7 to 17 flowers, it blooms in March and April. Flowers have a very long perianth tube (40 to 45 mm) and are cream to pale salmon pink, each with a narrow, dark red, longitudinal median streak. The upper three tepals are the largest with the dorsal tepal arching over the stamens and the lower three tepals are united at the base with narrow and recurving tips. The anthers have short appendages and long purple tails. Photos by Rachel Saunders.

Gladiolus macneilii, Rachel SaundersGladiolus macneilii, Rachel SaundersGladiolus macneilii, Rachel Saunders

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