Gladiolus magnificus

Quick Characteristics:

Flower Colors: red
Climate: summer rain climate

Gladiolus magnificus (Harms) Goldblatt is a southern tropical African species found from central Angola through southern Zambia to western Zimbabwe. It is also found in the northern edges of Namibia and Botswana. In the past this species has been included in Antholyza under three species names as well as being included in Chasmanthe and Oenostachys. It has bright red flowers with a long perianth tube and reduced lower tepals with yellow markings. Tepals are very unequal with the dorsal the largest, hooded and horizontal. The laterals are broadly lanceolate and directed forward. It flowers in January and February. Photo from iNaturalist taken by Cody Coyotee Howard in Namibia and shared under a CC BY-NC license.

Gladiolus magnificus, Cody Coyotee Howard, iNaturalist, CC BY-NCGladiolus magnificus, Cody Coyotee Howard, iNaturalist, CC BY-NC

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