Gladiolus murielae

Quick Characteristics:

Flower Colors: white
Usage: fragrant
Climate: summer rain climate

Gladiolus murielae syn. Acidanthera bicolor , Gladiolus callianthus , and Acidanthera murielae is a species with a wide distribution from northeastern Africa southward to Mozambique. It is often sold or described under the Acidanthera synonyms or, as it is most common in northern Ethiopia, sometimes called Abyssinian gladiolus. This species has long tubed white flowers with dark purple markings in the midline on the lower tepals or all tepals and is fragrant, more strongly at night. Since it comes from a tropical climate, it is often protected in colder climates and dug in the winter and stored and replanted after the last frost so that it will be summer growing, blooming late summer into fall. Photo 1 by Arnold Trachtenberg of plants blooming in the Brooklyn Botanical Garden, Photo 2 by Martin Bohnet illustrates the length of the tube.

Gladiolus murielae, Arnold TrachtenbergGladiolus murielae side view, Martin Bohnet

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