Arnold Trachtenberg

As long as I can remember I have been interested in plants and growing all sorts of things. My first memory of a garden was of my Italian grandfather's. I remember him out in the backyard coaxing tomatoes to grow as large as one's head. He had a grape vine trained up an outdoor porch that had the worst tasting grapes imaginable.

I spent twenty years traveling with the NY Cosmos Soccer team and the United States Soccer Federation as team physiotherapist. In the course of this maddening travel I had the pleasure of visiting 72 countries. One of the side trips I would always take was to the local Botanical Garden which was a source of constant humor to the rest of the team.

Once I decided that that kind of travel was inconsistent with any kind of normal life I gave it up and took a position in a physical therapy office in New Jersey where I still work.

My interest in bulbs was in a large part due to Jim Shields and Cathy Craig and the chat sessions we had in the early days of our involvement with the IBS. We all served on the Board of the IBS for three years and had the opportunity to meet at our annual Board of Directors meetings.

My main interest is Colchicum, Massonia, Lachenalia and Narcissus. I have recently been interested in Allium thanks to Mark McDonough's wonderful images.

Note: Arnold is the current treasurer of the Pacific Bulb Society and in charge of mailing.

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