Gladiolus oppositiflorus

Quick Characteristics:

Flower Colors: pink, orange
Climate: summer rain climate

Gladiolus oppositiflorus is found in the southern part of the summer rainfall area where it grows in open grasslands and often in rocky sites where there is some protection from predators. Flowers are salmon to pale pink or mauve, with the lower three tepals paler in the midline and having a reddish to purple median streak. This species blooms summer into fall. The first two photos by Mary Sue Ittner of a plant growing in the ground in Northern California and blooming late August-September 2004. The last two photos were taken by Cameron McMaster at Maclear in the Eastern Cape February 2008.

Gladiolus oppositiflorus, Mary Sue IttnerGladiolus oppositiflorus, Mary Sue IttnerGladiolus oppositiflorus, Maclear, Cameron McMasterGladiolus oppositiflorus, Maclear, Cameron McMaster

A shorter-stemmed form with salmon colored flowers was described at Gladiolus salmoneus and later considered to be a subspecies of G. oppositiflorus. Although this subspecies is still recognized by Kew, Goldblatt and Manning in Gladiolus of Southern Africa did not think the differences warranted subspecies treatment. Photos of this form taken in the Eastern Cape January 2008 by Cameron McMaster.

Gladiolus oppositiflorus, Balloch, Cameron McMasterGladiolus oppositiflorus, Balloch, Cameron McMaster

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