Gladiolus robertsoniae

Quick Characteristics:

Flower Colors: white
Life form: corm
Climate: summer rain climate

Gladiolus robertsoniae F.Bolus is a summer rainfall species endemic to a small area in the highveld of southern Mpumalanga and the Free State South Africa where it grows in rocky sites, mostly dolerite outcrops, where corms are wedged in crevices and therefore protected from predators. Sites are restricted to areas that stay wet longer such as seeps or streambanks. Plants grow from 20 to 40 cm high. Plants flower at the end of the dry season (mostly October, but sometimes later). A species of section Hebea, it has large white long tubed flowers with fine red lines at the base of the lower tepals. Flowers are sometimes flushed light mauve on fading and are fragrant, scented of carnation day and night. Photo from Rachel Saunders.

Gladiolus robertsoniae, Rachel Saunders

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