Gordon Summerfield

Gordon Summerfield was a previous Chairman of the Indigenous Bulb Association of South Africa for a number of years. He has a large bulb collection and sells bulbs and seed under the name Summerfield's Indigenous Bulbs and Seed. He was a speaker at the IBSA Bulb and Corm Symposium August 2003. He kindly provided a copy of his talk, Creating the Right Environment and Conditions for Growing Bulbous Plants, to the pbs list. The following link will take you to Gordon's talk

Mary Sue Ittner and Bob Rutemoeller had an opportunity to visit with Gordon and to see his collection. What she learned she summarized in this post to the pbs list.

Here are pictures taken by Bob Rutemoeller of Gordon with Bob Werra from California in the first and Audrey Cain from the UK in the second at the IBSA symposium.

Gordon Summerfield and Bob Werra, Bob RutemoellerGordon Summerfield and Audrey Cain, Bob Rutemoeller

Gordon grows many of his bulbs under cover of a high roof with open sides which provides protection from the early morning dews to bulbs like Lachenalias. The first photo below from Bob Rutemoeller shows his pots and the structure and the second a number of us visiting his bulb collection. Also pictured are Pat Colville and Lauw de Jager. The third photo is of Gordon in his very organized seed room with Mary Sue Ittner behind him.

Gordon Summerfield's bulb collection, Bob RutemoellerVisitors to Gordon Summerfield's, Bob RutemoellerGordon in his seed room, Bob Rutemoeller

And finally just a few pictures of the bulbs in his collection.

Gethyllis verticillata, Bob RutemoellerGladiolus pulcherrimus, Bob RutemoellerGladiolus uysiae, Bob Rutemoeller

Gethyllis verticillata - Gladiolus pulcherrimus - Gladiolus uysiae

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