Gymnospermium is a genus in the Berberidaceae family with tubers that is found in central Asia.

Gymnospermium albertii, floral close-up, photo by Arnold Trachtenberg

Gymnospermium alberti, Arnold Trachtenberg

Gymnospermium altaicum - The first two views of the plant in flower were taken March & April 2003. This plant is very small and rather inconspicuous in bloom (although charming), thus it's difficult to get a good photo. The first photo was taken on March 29, 2003, showing the red, sideways-emerging stems that are less than 2" (5 cm) tall, and small bright yellow flowers. The plant and flowers were unharmed after a week and a half of ice, hail, snow, and pouring rain. The second photo is a worm's-eye view of the dainty flowers that are best observed up close. The last photo was taken spring 2002 of the foliage and spent flower stalks. Photos by Mark McDonough.

Gymnospermium altaicum, Mark McDonoughGymnospermium altaicum, Mark McDonoughGymnospermium altaicum, Mark McDonough

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