Haemodoraceae or the bloodroot or kangaroo paw family

Genera in this family are mostly evergreen and often coarse. They contain chelidonic acid and calcium oxalate crystals. The rootstock is a rhizome, stem tuber, or a bulb often with a red-orange pigment (hemocorin). Most of these plants are from the Southern Hemisphere. Leaves are basal or scattered, two rank, strap-like or lanceolate, or triangular or pleated. Flowers are arranged in a raceme or spike with six tepals to form a cup-shaped or tubular perianth. There are three or six stamens and a three chambered inferior or half inferior to superior ovary. The fruit is a capsule with pale or brown to black seeds.

Genera represented on wiki pages are: Anigozanthos, Dilatris, Macropidia, Wachendorfia

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