Hedychium 'Luna Moth'

Quick Characteristics:

Height: 100-120 cm (3.3-3.9 ft)
Flower Colors: white
Climate: USDA Zone 7

Hedychium 'Luna Moth' is a hybrid with compact, sturdy stems and large, very fragrant flowers. The name refers to the flowers, which have some resemblance to the large and beautiful Luna Moth, Actias luna. Tom Wood, the hybridizer, did not reveal the parents, but it involves the short epiphytic species Hedychium hasseltii and averages around 4 ft in height. While it has been reported to be tender and difficult to cultivate, it thrives in moist soil and full to part shade and is hardy to at least zone 7. Photos by Jay Yourch, Alani Davis & Angelo Porcelli catching the sphinx Acherontia atropos visiting the flowers at night.

Hedychium 'Luna Moth', Alani DavisHedychium 'Luna Moth', Jay YourchHedychium 'Luna Moth', Alani DavisHedychium 'Luna Moth', Alani DavisHedychium 'Luna Moth', Alani DavisHedychium 'Luna Moth' with sphinx, Angelo Porcelli

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