Hedychium gardnerianum

Quick Characteristics:

Height: 150-200 cm (4.9-6.6 ft)
Flower Colors: yellow
Climate: USDA Zone 7

Hedychium gardnerianum Sheppard ex Ker Gawl. is known as the Kahili Ginger. A tall ginger growing to six feet tall in the right setting, it originates in the northern India Himalaya. In the late summer, this species carries very beautiful flowers, which are very fragrant. Photographed at my home, where I grow it in large pots, protected in a cold greenhouse in the winter when it is dormant. It is hardy to at least zone 7. Flower photos by David Victor and Alani Davis. Photograph of roots with an inch diameter coin by David Pilling.

Hedychium gardnerianum, David VictorHedychium gardnerianum, Alani DavisHedychium gardnerianum, Alani DavisHedychium gardnerianum, David Pilling

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