Former Hemerocallidaceae started out segregate of the family Liliaceae. It's taxonomy went trough several changes. The APG I system placed only 1 genus Hemerocallis into this family, in which case there are 16 species. However, the APG II system included this family in the Xanthorrhoeaceae but allowed for it's segregation into Hemerocallidaceae. Therefore, depending on what system you use, the distribution of this family can be rather broad.

AGP III fixated the integration into Xanthorrhoeaceae, which have been renamed Asphodelaceae in AGP IV. In both cases, former Hemerocallidaceae form the subfamily Hemerocallidoideae.

We have the genera Agrostocrinum, Caesia, Hemerocallis, Johnsonia and Pasithea represented on the wiki.

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