Xanthorrhoeaceae was a family in which taxonomic opinions varied. The APG II system gave the option for some members of the families Asphodelaceae and Hemerocallidaceae such as, Agrostocrinum, Bulbine, Bulbinella, Hemerocallis, Johnsonia, and Trachyandra to be included in this family. In a strict sense (sensu stricto), the family Xanthorrhoeaceae is monogeneric with only the genus Xanthorrhoea. In this sense, the family includes 66 species, all native to Australia. Habitats range from temperate to tropical. Plants are shrubs, or ‘arborescent’, and resinous.

In AGP III and IV, the combination and subsequent reduction to subspecies level of former Asphodelaceae, Hemerocallideae and Xanthorrhoeaceae was kept, but as of 2017, Asphodelaceae was set as nomen conservandum to replace the name Xanthorrhoeaceae.

We have the genus Xanthorrhoea represented for subfamily Xanthorrhoeoideae (which equals former Xanthorrhoeaceae sensu stricto) on the wiki.

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