Hippeastrum Hybrids Two

Pictures of Hippeastrum hybrids, often described as amaryllis and seen for sale in the northern hemisphere in December, are pictured on this page. Photos of plants with names from C-H are found on this page.

Photos of other hybrids are found on these pages:

Hippeastrum 'Calimero' - Photo by Mark Wilcox, 23 January 2005. These blooms come from a 12 inch/30 cm pot that's sunk into a zone 7 garden except in winter, when it's brought inside to bloom, protected from freezing.

Hippeastrum × 'Calimero', Mark Wilcox

Hippeastrum 'Candy Floss' has very large pink flowers with a central white star. Photos taken June 2007 by Jay Yourch.

Hippeastrum 'Candy Floss', Jay YourchHippeastrum 'Candy Floss', Jay Yourch

Hippeastrum 'Charisma' - Photos by Jennifer Hildebrand , February 2003 and Joshua Young, December 2010.

Hippeastrum 'Charisma', Jennifer HildebrandHippeastrum 'Charisma', Joshua Young

Hippeastrum 'Charm' - from the Japanese nursery Komoriya; photo by Mari Kitama.

Hippeastrum 'Charm', Mari Kitama

Hippeastrum 'Christmas Gift' Photo by Germán Roitman.

Hippeastrum 'Christmas Gift', Germán Roitman

Hippeastrum 'Double Pecotee' This one is always an eye catcher. It is a very dependable bloomer and seems to like our weather here in So. CA. I do not know much about its background. Photo by Doug Westfall.

Hippeastrum 'Double Pecotee', Doug Westfall

Hippeastrum 'Emerald' - Photographed by Kelly Irvin, January 2003 (first photo) and by Lee Poulsen April 2004 (second photo).

Hippeastrum 'Emerald', Kelly IrvinHippeastrum 'Emerald', Lee Poulsen

Hippeastrum evansiae × Hippeastrum reginae - This is first bloom on a hybrid of the 2 wild-collected species (ex Kevin Preuss). Both parents are Brazilian. The flower is red brushed on a light yellow background, with green in the center. Unlike most modern hybrids, so far there are only 2 blooms per scape. Photo by Mark Wilcox, taken in January of 2004.

Hippeastrum evansiae x reginae, Mark Wilcox

Hippeastrum 'Exotic Star' seems to be an F1 generation hybrid between Hippeastrum papilio and Hippeastrum neopardinum. Photo taken November 2010 by Joshua Young.

Hippeastrum 'Exotic Star', Joshua Young

Hippeastrum 'Exposure' - photo by Mari Kitama.

Hippeastrum 'Exposure', Mari Kitama

Hippeastrum 'Fairy Tale' is a small selection with red and white striped flowers. Photo taken June 2007 by Jay Yourch.

Hippeastrum 'Fairy Tale', Jay Yourch

Hippeastrum 'Giraffe' Photo taken April 2004 by Lee Poulsen.

Hippeastrum 'Giraffe', Lee Poulsen

Hippeastrum 'Hermitage' Photo by Germán Roitman.

Hippeastrum 'Hermitage', Germán Roitman

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