Kniphofia rooperi

Quick Characteristics:

Height: 100-150 cm (3.3-4.9 ft)
Flower Colors: red, orange, yellow
Flower Season: mid winter to early spring

Kniphofia rooperi (T.Moore) Lem. has a typical compressed triangular flower spike in the early stages. Its colours graduate from cream, orange to green at the top. It originates from the milder coastal area of east South Africa. It flowers in mid-winter and is therefore well adapted to the mild Mediterranean climate, but prefers marshy ground and will stay significantly smaller if held too dry.

In August with drought and high temperatures the plant slows down. This is the best moment to prune off the superfluous leaves. After 4-5 years in place it is advised, in order to maintain a generous flowering, to divide the rhizomes (end of summer or late winter). An ideal plant to colour your driveway in midwinter. Photos 1-2 were taken by Lauw de Jager in his garden (South of France) in February 2008. Photos 3-4 were taken by Cameron McMaster January 2010 at Morgan Bay in the Eastern Cape. Although it mainly flowers in mid-winter, Cameron reports that it flowers opportunistically at other times of the year.

Kniphofia rooperi, Lauw de JagerKniphofia rooperi, Lauw de JagerKniphofia rooperi, Morgan Bay, Cameron McMasterKniphofia rooperi, Morgan Bay, Cameron McMaster

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