Kniphofia thomsonii

Quick Characteristics:

Flower Colors: orange, yellow, purple

Kniphofia thomsonii Baker is among the more strikingly distinct Kniphofia. The well spaced individual flowers, each gracefully down-curved, give these plants something of a Lachenalia or Phygelius look. Photo 1 by David Fenwick, photo 2 by Jim McKenney show a triploid form of this species. It is a form of this species that is most widely grown in North America. Photos 3-4 taken by Nhu Nguyen shows how vigorous and beautiful this species can be. In the San Francisco Bay Area this species grows well outdoors and can bloom several times a year. It never goes completely dormant if water is available.

Kniphofia thomsonii, David FenwickKniphofia thomsonii, Jim McKenneyKniphofia thomsonii, Nhu NguyenKniphofia thomsonii, Nhu Nguyen

Kniphofia thomsonii var. snowdenii (C.H.Wright) Marais is distinguished from the species based on the pubescence on the flowers. Photos by David Fenwick.

Kniphofia thomsonii, David FenwickKniphofia thomsonii, David Fenwick

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