Kohleria is a genus of about 33 species, along with a number of natural hybrids in the family Gesneriaceae. The genus is distributed from central Mexico into northern South America, but typically not into the Amazon. Plants are summer growers, and in drier or colder habitats may go completely dormant. The storage organ is a scaly rhizome that sometimes can grow into impressive size. Hundreds of impressive hybrids are available currently and more are being made every day. Plants like to have good root room as well as good filtered sunlight to do well. They appreciate moist soils and occasional fertilizers. In winter, keep the rhizomes moist, but not bone-dry nor wet. Some species are cloud forest dwellers and may not go completely dormant in winter.

Kohleria allenii is native to Costa Rica and Panama. Mature plants can form an impressive spike. The photos below were taken by J. Schofield.

Kohleria allenii, J. SchofieldKohleria allenii, J. SchofieldKohleria allenii, J. Schofield

Kohleria amabilis is native from Costa Rica to Colombia. There are two varieties, var. amabilis and var. bogotensis. The photo below was taken by J. Schofield.

Kohleria amabilis, J. Schofield

Kohleria amabilis var. amabilis has beautiful mottled leaves. The photo below was taken by J. Schofield.

Kohleria amabilis var. amabilis, J. Schofield

Kohleria hirsuta (syn. Kohleria eriantha) is native to South America from Ecuador eastwards to French Guiana. The photo below was taken by J. Schofield of the "eriantha" form.

Kohleria hirsuta (eriantha form), J. Schofield

Kohleria spicata is a widely distributed species with many forms and thus in the past have been described as many species. It is native to Mexico South to Peru and east to Venezuela. It can grow to an impressive size, with very large rhizomes. There are several forms in cultivation, one of which makes completely green rhizomes, and another makes rosy colored rhizomes. The plant will die down during winter and should be kept dried otherwise they will rot. The photo below was taken by Nhu Nguyen of the flowers from a small plant and the large rhizome from this species.

Kohleria spicata, Nhu NguyenKohleria spicata, Nhu Nguyen

Kohleria tubiflora is a widespread species from Trinidad & Tobago in the Carribean south to Ecuador and Venezuela. The photo below was taken by J. Schofield.

Kohleria tubiflora, J. Schofield

Kohleria warszewiczii is native to Colombia. The photos below were taken by J. Schofield.

Kohleria warszewiczii, J. SchofieldKohleria warszewiczii, J. Schofield

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